INT. A friends bedroom - NIGHT

We see CHARACTER 1 in a school uniform, entering the bedroom. She drops her backpack and sits on the floor next to the bed. She opens a bag next to the bed and starts looking through it for her pajamas. She finds a tshirt and pulls it out. She smells the shirt and as she breathes in she rolls over on the floor, with her face burried in the shirt. She keeps smelling the shirt, till completely out of breath. She hugs the shirt and rolls on her back looking at the ceiling.


"Someday, I might forget completely.""


"I remember once, when I was away on a trip for school, and I hadn’t seen her in weeks, and things weren’t going great between us, and I was feeling doubtful and scared and confused. In the evening, as I arrived back to where I was staying and I started unpacking my bag, I found her shirt. It smelt *exactly* like her. And I remember rolling on the floor and pressing the shirt against my face and taking in its smell as if I thought I could spin a small string of her from its scent and wrap it around me. Tangle myself in her. In that moment she was there."

Fuck !
I love you.