I woke up today and the sky had dissapeared.

Someone had deleted the cloud and replaced the outside of my windows with a trick fog. I open the window and step outside, walking into the blank whiteness. I am surrounded by nothing, entirely consumed. I move forward and backward and further and futher away from my window and my room. I close my eyes as I move, the fog is beneath me as I continue to float forwards.

The sound of soft bells fills the air. Or is it a trumpet?

I start to see the formation of colors in the forefront of me.

To the left, the colors of a sunset peak through, I see shades of orange and red blending together looking like the inside of your eyelids while lying in the sun with your eyes closed.

To the right, a cold dark blue is dragning the wind and slowly expanding, like in in water, into the whiteteness.

Where should I turn towards?

← Turn Left
Turn Right →