INT. Aquarium / somewhere with a fish tank

CHARACTER 1 and CHARACTER 2 and standing by a fish tank. They bend down and watch the fish closely. The fish swim, freely, in all their flowing shapes and bright neon colors.


"When people show memories in movies, they’re always like dreams. Fractured, foggy or blurry, sepia toned. For some reason, super 8 film or video cameras have been used so often, they evoke the feeling of remembering even for people that have no physical connection to these things. We think of memories as a library or a chest of drawers. Somehting to be pulled out, examined, and stored away."

We see liquidity and light blend together. Faces and fish and colors and water are blurry and fluid and the lens flows in and out of focus.


"I sometimes think of it as a fish pond, full of colorful coy of all shapes and sizes, bopping up the the surface, in their own time. Just like the fish, the memories pop up, unexpectedly, unorganized and uncontrollable. And you’re never able to quite catch the fish that you want, and every time you think you’ve caught the right fish, it has grown or shrunk or changed the color of its scales. I look at my refection in the water and I look at all these fish and I want to catch each and every one of them and lay then out flat on a table, as they wobble and flap their fins gasping for air and I want to try and make sense of it all. But instead I just there in my dingy, watching the fish swimming freely as time passes by."

Why did you tell me this?
I am confused.......